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H-Craft Championship Source Code

Full sources are available at:
Use git to download them.
Media is available at:
Put media and sources beside each other and make sure the media folder is called media_hc1.


H-Craft Championship is a SciFi-racer written in 2007 and ported to Android in 2014/2015.
It runs on GNU/Linux, Windows and now even on Android.
The sources can be useful to anyone writing computer games,
but are likely most helpful for people working with Irrlicht 3D.
H-Craft is using that 3D engine and our developer is also part of the Irrlicht team.
The game is written in c++.

Build requirements

You will need a GNU toolchain (bash + gcc) and cmake.
On Windows you need MinGW.
The supported IDE is Code::Blocks.
For more details check the build.txt in the doc folder.


For the most part H-Craft Championship sources are released under the zlib-license.
So you can use the game sources even in proprietary applications.
But check individual source-files, they all mention which license they use and there are some minor exceptions.
All source code licenses are free software, so you can run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.
The necessary libraries are using a mixture of free software licenses like zlib, bsd and lgpl.

Please be aware that the media files are restricted!
You are not allowed to modify or distribute the media files or use them in your own games.
But you can still download the media files and they are free for personal use.
There are some exceptions, one of the music files and one font have more liberal licenses.


There is an issues tracker on github beside the sources.
Otherwise please use the H-Craft thread in the Irrlicht forum.
Note that our main interest in feedback is in regards to improving the Irrlicht engine.