Frequently Asked Questions about H-Craft Championship

Q: What are the minimum requirements?
A: Should be roughly the following configuration:
1 Ghz Processor
512 MB Memory
A 3D-Card with the power of a Geforce3 or Radeon 7500 (or better)
OpenGL 1.3
Windows 98, MP, XP, 2000, Vista or GNU/Linux (32 Bit)
150 MB free space on hard-disk

Q: Why can`t I select a track in the Arcade mode?
A: Playing the championship unlocks tracks for the other game modes.

Q: How can I control the menus with a joypad/joystick?
A: You can use the digital joypad or joystick buttons for steer left, steer right, accelerate and brake in Options - controller setup. This allows you to emulate cursor controls in the menu. The joystick button used for pause will act like the enter key. You can't use the analog sticks (sorry).

Q: How can I play my own music?
A: The game will play songs randomly from the sub-folders media/sounds/music_menu and media/sounds/music_level.
Menu music will play while you're in a menu and level music will play while the race is running.
The music has to be in the ogg format. If you have your songs in another format convert it for example with audacity.

Q: How do I find out how fast my frame rate is?
A: You can enable a FPS display by pressing F11.
On Android you can disable that display by clicking on it.

Q: The game has a low frame rate. How can I make it faster?
A: The easiest way is to lower the screen resolution in Options - Graphics Setup.
Also try the other graphic options.
Check if you have anything else running in the background.

Q: The frame rate seems to be jumpy, it was switching between 60, 30 and 15 fps. What can I do?
A: This is caused by the vsync mode. One thing you can try is to enable triple buffering for OpenGL in your graphic card settings. Another way is to disable vsync in the graphic options.

Q: The upper half of the screen seems to move faster than the lower half. What can I do?
A: Enable vsync in the graphic options.

Q: The colors look all wrong.
A: On very old ATI cards try setting "Use custom settings" in the control center. We have no experience yet with that problem on NVidia.

Q: It does not start on 32-bit Linux systems.
A: Sorry, we have no longer a build for that.

Q: The game runs extremely slow in Linux. What's wrong?
A: Check if your graphic card driver is accelerating 3d graphics. You can do so by typing the following into a console:
glxinfo | grep direct rendering
This should show the following text:
direct rendering: Yes
If direct rendering is set to 'No' you will have to install a graphic card driver which supports 3D-rendering. For most Linux distributions you can find information about how to do that on the website of your distribution vendor. NVidia and ATI do also offer drivers for Linux on their websites.

Q: I have big blue triangles all over the screen in Linux.
A: Usually the same problem as the last question above. You graphic card is not using accelerated 3D drivers.

Q: It does not start with error ...
A: Please send us the exact error (copy-paste it or make a screenshot), maybe we can help.

Q: It just crashes. Can you help me?
A: Maybe, but we will need some more details. If you can reproduce the crash it helps us if you can give us some logging information.
Enable logging by starting the game with:
hcraft -logfile=0
After the crash there will be a file called logfile.txt in the hcraft folder. Please do send us this file and we will try to find a solution.
Also every additional information you have will help us.
- When did it crash (for example: at start, while loading a level, in a certain menu)
- Did you do anything special (like: I used alt+tab before or I pulled the plug of my PC)
- What is your configuration - Operating System, graphic card, processor, amount of RAM