August 08, 2015

Bugfix for Linux: remove libts dependency

H-Craft did not start on some newer Linux systems with the error:
"Error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
If you have that problem please get a new download at: DOWNLOAD
Alternatively you can update by copying this to hcraft/libs/linux_shared/
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to the users reporting this!


February 25, 2015

H-Craft Championship on Android and open source!

We proudly present our first Android game.
H-Craft Championship's beautiful 3D graphics are now available on mobile devices.
It's controls got reworked and finetuned and flying over the tracks is more fun than ever.

Get H-Craft Championship for your Android devices at Google play.
It's free to play and if you prefer you can upgrade to an adfree version.

But that's not all...

We love working with the Free Software community and had been supporting GNU/Linux years before Steam made it cool ;-)
So from today on we share the complete H-Craft Championship source code with all of you!
Check the details at our H-Craft source page.


February 23, 2015

H-Craft Championship 1.3 released

Get H-Craft Championship 1.3 for Windows and Linux for free: DOWNLOAD

We got much feedback about the controls over the years, so we decided to work on those.
- H-Craft still has this dream-like quality of flying over the tracks on a cushion of air.
- There are now energy walls around the tracks preventing falling off in many situations.
- Experts can still take short-cuts at corners.
- Steering has been fine-tuned to allow more control over the H-Crafts.

Additionally there have been many changes under the hood.
The Linux versions is now running on 64 bit and switched to OpenAL-Soft.
We hope this does fix the start problems some Linux systems had in the past.

Also our Android port has been finished and we are currently working to get it on google-play!
Check back later this week - we will have even more news...


March. 18, 2014

H-Craft Championship is now free!

From today on you can download and play the full version of H-Craft Championship: DOWNLOAD
It should run on most Windows and Linux systems.

If you love the game check back in a few months! We're working on an Android version which will be released for a very low price.

Have fun!

edit: Some 64-bit Linux users report crashes on start. Also some have sound-troubles. Sorry for that.
In most cases it's possible to get it running by installing 32-bit compatibility libs.
Otherwise please try the Windows exe using WINE.
The next release will hopefully work better on 64-bit Linux. We plan to release it together with the Android version.
edit2: Someone on found another trick around Linux troubles. Start it with: padsp ./hcraft


March. 18, 2014 is up again

Sorry everyone for the long down-time. But good news - H-Craft Championship is back in development.

Mar. 26, 2008

Prototype showcase, looking for sponsors

Well, we did not post much news lately, but that does not mean we have been lazy.
Some people already wondered what we are up to, here is part of the answer...prototyping.

Below you find links to two featurepages, each covering a game which might happen to become our next scifi racer.
The first one wields a city-styled environment, it`s about futuristic streetracing.
The second is about dirty scifi rally racing, pretty arcadey, with colorful settings.
Both are indirect successors to H-Craft, in that they will try to maintain and improve on the original`s feeling.

So that was the happy news, but we still have to get the financing done before any of these will come real.
The idea is to find one or more sponsors who would be interested in advertising with the games, we already have some nice features in mind for that purpose.
In return this would enable us to release the game for free.
We think that`s a great opportunity for players to get a great new racer, for sponsors to get very worthy advertising, and for get it done.

As for now, have fun checking out the feature pages.
Possible sponsors or businesspartners are very welcome to get in touch with us by sending a mail to .

Aug 9, 2007

Patch 1_2 for H-Craft Championship released

We recently finished works on patch 1_2 for H-Craft Championship, which contains some major updates.
First of all, H-Craft is now compatible with Matrox TripleHead2Go�, enabling gamers to experience H-Craft on 3 screens simultaneously.
Looks pretty awesome:

Linux users who experienced problems with sound will be happy to hear that the patch should fix this bug.
A random startcrash which occured on some systems also got adressed and should be history now.
A couple of smaller issues got fixed as well, please visit the Support Forum for the complete change list.

The patch is now available for the versions sold at Manifestogames:
Patch 1_2 Linux
Patch 1_2 Windows

Manifestogames also updated the H-Craft Demo.
Of course our own Demo page got updated as well.

July 19, 2007

Russian version of H-Craft Championship released

Akella recently released the fully localized, russian version of H-Craft Championship.
More infos on Akella`s salessite


May 24, 2007

H-Craft Championship released!

We are very happy to announce H-Craft Championship is now available at Manifestogames !
Of course you can also get a Demo of the game there and have some fun on three beginner-tracks.
For more information on the game please visit our Games section.

May 01, 2007

H-Craft News

It`s been a while since our last news, but we certainly haven`t been lazy.
The work on H-Craft is finished, and fortunately it really shaped up to be the game we had hoped for.
Now we are up to get the distribution ready. If things go right we expect to release the game by the
end of May 2007.
As for now we added 2 new screenshots to the Games section.
A new Trailer will be available pretty soon as well!


Jan. 20, 2007

H-Craft Screenshots updated

Since we have done some fancy tweaks to the graphics it seemed to be a good time for
a screenshot update. Take a look at the Games section.


Jan. 09, 2007

H-Craft Championship Trailer01 online

H-Craft Championship is doing well and approaching final Beta state. But since it`s
still a few weeks till we can release it, we decided to do a first trailer to show you
what to expect. You find it at the Games section.

Nov. 01, 2006

Welcome to !

Finally Irrgheist is up! This site will keep you updated about the upcoming
games we work on, link you to related downloads, and offer gamesupport.

As for now we are happy to announce H-Craft Championship, the first game to
be released. It`s a fancy little scifi-racer and definitely great fun to play.
Have a look at it yourself at the games section.